House Rules

We kindly ask you to comply with the following rules during your stay:

House rules

1.The apartment users are obliged to stick to the house rules

2.Bohemia apartments are authorized to receive only properly registered guests. In relation to this,guests are required to show their valid identity card or passport,or any other valid document  as a proof of identity  requested by our employee.

3.Guests can get into  the apartment on the day of booking between 14:00h  and 21.30h.

4.Getting out of the apartment should be till 11 o `clock A.M.on the last day of your stay.The time of staying would be also possible to prolong ,in agreement with staff.

5. A guest gets and borrows two keys. The first one is from the villa`s front door,and the second one from the apartment the guest is staying in.

6.Parking lot is available only for guests and is free of charge.

7.Bohemia apartments are not responsible for the possible damages to the car,but will do its best to ensure the highest level of safety.

8.Guests are required,upon taking over the apartment,to inspect premises,devices and inventory along with the housekkeeper,and inform about possible defects,or damages to equipment or instalations or defects comparing the existing inventory list.

9.You mustn`t use hot plates or heaters,so as not to cause damages or fire. The apartments are well furnished,so these devices won`t be needed.

10.Guests are required to inform about any damage caused during their stay,any breakdown  in the room or any inventory damage. If the damage occured due to the guest`s fault,he is obliged to compensate the proper equivalent.

11.Guests mustn`t make any noise or in any other way disturb  the  relaxation or accommodation of the other tenants in  the villa,especially during the afternoon break from 14:00h to 17:00h,and in the night time from 22:00h to 8:00h.

12. Smoking is only allowed on the balcony.Smoking is prohibited in the rooms.

13.Visitors are free to come,on condition they comply with the above mentioned house rules.

14.It  is forbidden to get weapons,narcotics,flammable and expolsive items into the apartment as well as items with strong or unpleasant smell.

15.Pets are not allowed in the apartment.

16. Throwing food or rubbish in the sink,toilets and through the window is forbidden.

17. The apartment must be left in the same condition  as it was found  upon the  arrival-clean,tidy and undamaged.

18.Bohemia apartments provide change of towels every day ,and change of sheets  every third one.

19.The hostess has no right to get into the apartment without prior guests` consent or notice ,nor to touch or use guests` personal belongings. She could get into the apartment when guests aren`t in it only in case there is a reasonable suspicion of  guests  violating the house rules,or in case building or property is at risk.