“Shargan Eight” summer season

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‘The Šargan Eight’ on Mokra Gora is an attraction visited by the worldwide tourists. They enjoy a drive over five bridges, through 22 tunnels, overcoming a height difference of 300 meters. The summer season begins on April 15 and ends on October 31. The ‘Nostalgia’ train, which drives on the museum / tourist / railroad complex unit ‘The Šargan Eight’, has got two regular starts daily, from Mokra Gora-Šargan Vitasi-Mokra Gora at: 10:30 and 13:30 hrs. There is possibility for more starts during the day in 8:00 and 16:00 hrs. From July 01. it will also start regeulary at 16:00 hrs. The overfull ‘Ćira’ train drives up and down the mountain, at the price of RSD 600,00 for adults and RSD 300,00 for children, to the general satisfaction. The Jatare station, famous for the fact that not a single fare has ever been sold there, is today, along with the restaurants ‘The Šargan Eight’ and ‘The Vraneš Field’, the catering facility under the same title, for the unexpected travelers who would like to try specialties of the local cuisine, typical for this region.

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